Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How A Day Spa Saved Christmas

     A True Holiday Miracle
This holiday tale, though very much true, tells the near fateful day when Christmas was through. Not due to weather, nor reindeers, or elves, but the big guys neglect to his skin and himself.

His jolly complexion was in need of some saving. His back was so tight and screamed for a shaving.  So the elves got together and bought him a gift.

They called to the reindeer, “Avatar Spa. Lickicty Split!”

As fast as they could they took Old Saint Nick for relaxing, and waxing, micro-derm & cool sculpting.  In Avatar’s hands his complexion returned. 
The secret was Avatar's product for exfoliation he learned. 

The knots in his back had all gone away from the deep tissue massage he had gotten that day. 

Even his elves treated themselves to all things nice that Avatar sells. Like facials, and creams, massages, and wraps, ten treatment rooms with heated beds for a nap.   

There were so many treatments to do and see, this boutique spa even offered online gift certificates and Colon Hydro-therapy.

Products organic, made exclusive to boot, warm cozy rooms with hooks to hang Santa’s suit. A spa so relaxing filled with experience and joy, surely a gift for every good girl and boy. 

Avatar Spa saved Christmas this year. With Chris Kringle relaxed the elves had nothing to fear. 
Their magical journey will go like it should, in that cold winter’s air Santa’s skin will look good.

As he boarded his sleigh the big guy took pause, he pulled out his cell and called Mrs. Clause. 

I heard him exclaim with a jolly ho, ho, “Avatar Spa is where you should go!”

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