Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How A Day Spa Saved Christmas

     A True Holiday Miracle
This holiday tale, though very much true, tells the near fateful day when Christmas was through. Not due to weather, nor reindeers, or elves, but the big guys neglect to his skin and himself.

His jolly complexion was in need of some saving. His back was so tight and screamed for a shaving.  So the elves got together and bought him a gift.

They called to the reindeer, “Avatar Spa. Lickicty Split!”

As fast as they could they took Old Saint Nick for relaxing, and waxing, micro-derm & cool sculpting.  In Avatar’s hands his complexion returned. 
The secret was Avatar's product for exfoliation he learned. 

The knots in his back had all gone away from the deep tissue massage he had gotten that day. 

Even his elves treated themselves to all things nice that Avatar sells. Like facials, and creams, massages, and wraps, ten treatment rooms with heated beds for a nap.   

There were so many treatments to do and see, this boutique spa even offered online gift certificates and Colon Hydro-therapy.

Products organic, made exclusive to boot, warm cozy rooms with hooks to hang Santa’s suit. A spa so relaxing filled with experience and joy, surely a gift for every good girl and boy. 

Avatar Spa saved Christmas this year. With Chris Kringle relaxed the elves had nothing to fear. 
Their magical journey will go like it should, in that cold winter’s air Santa’s skin will look good.

As he boarded his sleigh the big guy took pause, he pulled out his cell and called Mrs. Clause. 

I heard him exclaim with a jolly ho, ho, “Avatar Spa is where you should go!”

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What Happened To The 60 Minute Massage?

Lisa Girandola - Owner/Avatar Spa

Day Spa's that have made 50 minutes the new 60 minutes shouldn't be given the time. 

If you book an all inclusive seven-day resort vacation do you expect it to end in six days? Would you settle for a professional manicure if they only painted nine fingers? How many of you would be satisfied if a movie theater shut off a movie ten minutes before it actually ends? 

As ridiculous as theses scenarios may seem the norm for the Day Spa industry is to deduct ten minutes from any 30, 60, or 90-minute massage treatment in an effort to maximize profit.  They maximize profit by having you in and out within your scheduled length of treatment so the room is available for the next potential booking without any time lost. Someone somewhere figured ten minutes is what it takes to turn a treatment room around and it should be on your dime.  What that says is you are paying for the room time rather then the massage time.

There are over 25,000 day spas in the United States. In 2010 the spa industry’s combined revenue was over $12 billion dollars with 160 million spa visits.  If even half of those visits were for massage only and all were shortened by 10 minutes that would be close to 14,000 hours of treatment time that the consumer was cheated out of. A law firm would be fined and disbarred for that kind of billing practice.

In my professional opinion day spas that follow the “deduct 10 minute rule” are in addition, cheating your body of beneficial therapeutic time. 10 minutes is a significant amount to be slighted when it comes to relaxation. We all know the valuable effects of a ten-minute power nap. If the mind is expecting a full thirty -minute massage it sends a message to the body’s internal clock to prepare for thirty full minutes of relaxation. Subconsciously stress levels return as the body instinctually feels cheated by ten minutes.

I can’t tell you how many times I receive a phone call at Avatar Spa asking if we provide a full 60-minute massage or is it only 50 minutes. The spa industry has allowed this practice to creep into the norm. As a business owner it is important to maximize profits but not at the expense of the clients treatment time.
To reduce the stress of the “deduct ten-minute rule”, check the menu of your spa to see if it mentions length of time for each treatment. If they are posted as 80, 50, & 20 minutes try a spa that includes those extra ten minutes. The 90, 60, 30 spas, like mine offer those treatment durations for the same cost on average as the “deduct ten-minute” spas.  You will certainly feel the difference physically and leave ten minutes more stress free.

Lisa Girandola is the owner of Avatar Spa in Marlboro, NJ a boutique spa that specializes in organic & holistic healing. For gift certificates or to book a full 60-minute massage call 732-303-1102

Thursday, December 8, 2011

"Expecting" Massage

Liz Roche - Prenatal Masseuse/Avatar Spa

The Expert's View
Insight from leading spa industry experts.

No one has ever said when you get pregnant you should stop relaxing. In fact most doctors want you to reduce anxiety. By doing so you will decrease symptoms of depression and improve labor and the overall health of your newborn.

One of the most effective ways to reduce anxiety during pregnancy is to schedule bi-weekly prenatal massage treatments. Not only will it be effective in reducing anxiety, but it will relieve muscle, joint, back, and nerve pain commonly brought on by pregnancy as well as increase circulation. In addition stress hormones will be reduced and serotonin levels will increase. Opposite levels are common during pregnancy and low levels of serotonin lead to depression. Studies have revealed positive benefits to maternal and newborn health when therapeutic massage is introduced into your weekly stress-reducing regimen.

As with anything during pregnancy, precautions should be taken if you are planning on a prenatal massage. I recommend side-lying rather then a table that provides a hole for your baby bump. It is not as reliable and may still apply pressure to the abdomen, something you want to avoid. It is also imperative that you are under the care of a certified prenatal massage therapist. Like me they have received training beyond the national standards and will expertly address specific needs and sensitive areas of the body.

Speak to your doctor prior to scheduling a prenatal massage regimen and keep in mind most spas will not offer a massage to women in their first trimester because of risks associated within the early weeks of pregnancy.  

It is my belief that prenatal massage should be thought of as an important supplement that should be incorporated into the routine of your prenatal care. 

Gift Certificates for Prenatal Massage are available at

Liz Roche is a body therapist and certified prenatal masseuse who works exclusively with Avatar Spa in Marlboro, NJ .

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Proper Skin Care Can Prevent Colds

Have you ever heard “A facial a day keeps the doctor away”? You probably haven’t but the truth is with a proper skin care regimen you can reduce the risk of ever getting a cold. Although it is good to see a skin care specialist at least once a month for deep cleansing and product updates for your skin, using an essential oil within your daily at home skin care conditioning not only hydrates your skin but at the same time will help prevent colds & flu’s and boost your body’s health and immune systems.

By now your daily skin care regimen should include a cleanser, a moisturizer, & an exfoliate like Avatar Spa’s exclusive Magic Dust, but by adding a drop of an essential oil to the mix you are allowing the hundreds of molecules that are within the essential oil to kill viruses and bacteria that cause colds. Unlike drugs, viruses do not build a resistance to oils since each batch is unique. This makes oils much more effective at beating what ails you and they continue to work long after a virus would have built up resistance to antibiotics.

It is best to use essential oils that have a blend since pure essential oils may be to intense for the skin. When using an oil simply rub a few drops on the palm of your hands and apply to your face. The molecules in essential oils are small and once applied to the face will be delayed in the absorption into the skin. To speed up the absorption process and increase the efficiency for both hydrating and fighting antibodies, use a carrier product such as Avatar Spa’s Sea Mineral Mist. This organic product has an abundance of minerals from the sea that conditions the pores while also balancing the skin’s Ph level. Simply sprits the SeaMineral Mist into your palms and blend with the essential oil then apply to the face. 

This is a professional spa secret that you can do daily at home to increase your health, beat the cold and flu season, and give your skin a sensational look and feel.

 Avatar Spa offers six different essential oils in their exclusive Spirit Earth organic skin care line. Each blend combines hundreds of combinations of herbs and flowers that apply to your specific skin type. To determine your skin type contact Avatar Spa at 732-332-1102.